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MMAPP - a.k.a. Parapatrol, is a non-profit group formed to provide professional, courteous, and confidential investigations of paranormal events. If you need someone from our team to contact you to begin the investigation process, please email investigations@parapatrol.com

Recent Events

Parapatrol welcomes Doug and Valarie Saunders on-board as Investigators and Tech Specialists. They are an asset to the team and continually provide state of the art technology for paranormal investigations, and continually work 'outside the box' to achieve the next level of investigatory need and/or want.

West Michigan remote cemetery

Please listen to an audio clip here from this cemetery and let us know what you think...

Mansfield Reformatory, Mansfield OH (Coming Soon)

MMAPP investigated the Traverse City, MI Mental Hospital on 5/1/09. Evidence can be found on the Evidence page. A big thank you goes to Karen and Doug for their EVP review.

Please disregard the date stamp on the photo below. It was taken 5-1-09 on the 4th floor landing of the Nurse's Quarters at the Traverse City State Mental Hospital in Traverse City, MI. A nurse allegedly hung herself there. Investigator Schweigert felt a slight "tug" on his right cargo pocket and took the photo. The energy streak was caught on evidence review. High rez pic here.

Traverse City State Mental Hospital

This one is a personal favorite - notice how the energy streak is actually solid matter that creates a shadow on the window from the camera flash. Very cool. High rez pic here.

Energy Streak 3

Below is another energy streak caught at a private residence in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Click here for a larger resolution photo.

Energy Streak 2

Below is another photograph from the investigation on 7-19-08. Click here or on the photo for a much larger resolution photo. This photo was taken as the precise time the KII meter was lighting up.

Investigation Photo

Parapatrol had the opportunity to attend a presentation given by John Zaffis, an expert in the paranormal field, at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.

Parapatrol with Zohn Zaffis
From left to right: Investigators Badic and Tiller, John Zaffis, Lead Investigators Bailey and Schweigert

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Parapatrol recently investigated the Mansfield Reformatory located in Mansfield, OH